Oil and Gas Exploration and Appraisal
Abcreste has worked with many successful oil and gas exploration groups
throughout our history. Typically, we’ve worked in the following areas.

  • Oil and Gas prospect studies, including identification, risking and ranking
  • Providing an Independent second opinion on oil and gas prospects, for
    management or board decisions, for financing raises and for merger and
  • Completing bespoke technical pieces of work to help understand and de-risk prospects. Example projects include basin modelling, seismic evaluation, geology studies including sequence stratigraphy, quantitative geophysics
    modelling and velocity modelling.

Our work in Oil and Gas Prospective Resources studies has taken us to many regions around the world. Examples include:

  • The whole of the passive margin in West Africa, in both the pre and post-salt environments
  • Studies of multiple quads, offshore UK
  • Offshore Tunisia, Mediterranean Sea

Once a successful discovery is made, it is properly appraised and quantified. This is critical to making appropriate commercial decisions. Abcreste Consulting is engaged to:

  • Help clients to maximise the use of their existing data
  • Quantify uncertainties such that appraisal programs can be developed and evaluated for commerciallity

Complete independent assessments, used to raise financing for further appraisal work or to move towards field developments